Efficient drying to just the right point with built in energy savings are fundamental to motan's equipment. Correctly dried material is critical to the production process.
motan's centralised drying equipment range allows the customer to:

  • Use one large centralised dryer resulting in lower maintenance and energy charges and saving floor space in the production area
  • Reduce machine downtime by having materials pre-dried ready for processing
  • Benefit from the patented ETA-process® heat recovery system - up to 40% savings compared to a conventional dryer
  • Eliminate risk of over-drying or insufficient drying; the "DryingOrganizer" always guarantees correctly dried material
  • Heat directly at the drying bin with complete flexibility for temperature settings
  • Increase energy savings further by choosing gas drying - at approximately half the cost of electricity

Customers for stand alone units have:

  • Mobility and flexibility to adapt their system as requirements change
  • Simple controls
  • Wide range of dryer and bin options
  • Same high quality drying process as centralised systems
  • Excellent value for money

Reduce drying costs and improve drying performance

Séchoirs Motan

Compressed air dryers

Efficient, accurate material drying is a crucial element in the processing of engineering plastics to ensure impeccable product quality. motan’s fully insulated compressed air dryers are a cost effective solution for highly efficient continuous drying of all types of plastic granulate with material throughputs up to 25 kg/h. Dryers can be mounted directly on the throat of the processing machine or on an adjacent support frame.

Luxor CA

Séchoir à air comprimé

Dryers can be mounted directly on the throat of the processing machine or on an adjacent support frame. The LUXOR CA dryer takes factory supplied compressed air which is expanded to atmospheric pressure. This produces dry process air with a very low dew point which is then heated to the required drying temperature. No desiccant is required. All models are equipped with thermostat and low air flow safety switch to prevent overheating of material. The hinged lid on each drying bin provides easy access and has a flange for fitting a motan hopper loader for automatic material conveying.

  • Drying bin volume: 15l/30l/60l
  • Air volume (LUXOR CA 15): 4 - 12 m³/h
  • Air volume (LUXOR CA 30): 6 - 15 m³/h
  • Air volume (LUXOR CA 60): 10 - 25 m³/h
  • Operating temperature: 60 - 180 °C
  • Air supply, oil and water-free: 5 - 7 bar
  • Power supply: 1/N/PE 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Connected load: 1.5 kW
  • Weight: 20/25/35 kg
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Système de micro séchage

(Micro dryer)
With the LUXOR micro drying system mainly micro pellets are processed. It comprises a modular set of correctly sized drying and conveying equipment helping moulders to meet the small tolerances without waste or contamination.

The same motan quality that the industry has come to expect applies to the LUXOR micro drying system. All components are userfriendly in design and operation and made of wear-resistant materials.

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Dry air dryer

Séchoir central

Today, modern dry air drying systems must be able to do more than just function reliably while operating in accordance with demanding specifications. In addition, they must be economical, energy-efficient in operation and meet the very high requirements demanded for the manufacture of top quality finished products.
motan is continually striving to develop better and more energy efficient ways to dry plastics. With the patented ETA‑process® drying technology, motan had already set new standards.

Now, with the new ETA plus® technology, motan has taken another step forward: the system is a combination of the well-proven temperature adaptation and heat recovery systems but now with a new dry air-flow control which automatically considers variations in material throughput rates and material inlet temperatures. Compared with conventional drying systems, energy savings of up to 64 percent are possible.For more information : Click here