Conveying For pellet or power


Automatic vacuum conveying protects the integrity of the material, eliminates waste and improves the cost effectiveness of the factory.

motan's central conveying systems enable the customer to:

  • Derive substantial operational cost benefits from automatic coupling station
  • Eliminate spillage
  • Make more productive use of factory floor space
  • Improve health and safety standards with cleaner, uncluttered workspace
  • Reduce maintenance costs with reliable, easy to maintain central vacuum pump and filter system
  • Centralise material storage in one silo serving multiple machines with consequent reduction of bins
  • Maximise material usage with closed loop recycling

Single unit customers also benefit from motan's material delivery equipment, compared with manual loading:

  • Labour savings with proven, reliable hopper loaders
  • Ensured material supply to the machine
  • Improved health and safety standards in the factory
  • Faster, more efficient loading

Make the movement of material a factor in improved efficiency.

Central loader

Chargeur individuel ou Central pour granules

with automatic filter cleaning by implosion, automatic material demand via discharge flap and proximity switch. LED indicators to show unit status, ON/OFF push button with alarm signal on material shortage.

  • Hopper volume: 1.5/06/10/15/30 litres
  • Parts in contact with material made of stainless steel
  • Airtight vacuum valve
  • Material inlet and discharge flap made of stainless steel and glass
  • Transparent hopper section for visual inspection
  • Hinged top without valve and flexible hoses for simple cleaning and fast material changes
  • Plug in connection to central convey control
  • Multi-function panel (METRO HCG 06/10/15/30)
  • Free choice regarding position of material- and vacuum connector  (METRO HCG 06/10/15/30)
  • Vacuum connection: Ø 38/45/60 mm (depends on unit)
  • Material connection: Ø 38/45/60 mm (depends on unit)
  • Compressed air: 5 - 7 bar, oil and water-free
  • Control voltage: 24 V DC
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Powder loader

Powder Loader

In the plastics compounding and manufacturing process there are many powders, all with different flow properties that require handling.

For the vacuum conveying of both free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders, motan has a solution. The METRO P series of hopper loaders are available in two versions and guarantee reliable and dust-free conveying.

The METRO PC system loaders are designed to be integrated into centralised motan conveying systems.

The METRO PB single loaders are designed to be used as a “stand-alone” solution.
From the material source right through to the point of processing, motan offers the ideal solution for your powder handling requirements.

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Pump Motan

Pompe et dépoussiéreur

Control and monitoring

Contrôle de système

Effective operation, control and monitoring of the materials handling system is essential for the ultimate efficiency of the production process.
motan's control systems are tailored to the customer's precise requirements; however complex or simple. The customer benefits from:

  • Low maintenance costs and easy part replacement with proven and reliable PLC equipment from market leading suppliers
  • Flexibility and expandability of modular system design
  • Total operating, supervising, reporting and archiving functions for complex installations with the LINKnet information and control system
  • User friendly, Windows® based operation with context-sensitive, target-oriented online help
  • Simple and reliable controls for single units

Take total control of the entire material handling process.

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Complex central systems

Conception de système complexe